Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IV sem & III Sem exams postponed

This is to inform that the examinations scheduled from 25/09/2014 to 06/10/2014 are postponed and the rescheduled dates are given below.

Previous date
Rescheduled date

25-09-2014 FN
08-10-2014 FN
26-09-2014 FN and AN
09-10-2014 FN and AN
27-09-2014 FN
10-10-2014 FN
29-09-2014 FN and AN
13-10-2014 FN and AN
30-09-2014 FN
14-10-2014 FN
01-10-2014 FN and AN
15-10-2014 FN and AN
04-10-2014 FN and AN
16-10-2014 FN and AN
06-10-2014 AN
17-10-2014 AN

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sample Question papers of MBA 2012-14 batch IV sem II mid

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                                                   TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : International Marketing                                                                     MARKS: 40
DATE:     01/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.      Explain about Product Saturation levels in Global Market?
2.      What are the brands in International Market?
3.      What are the factors effecting choice of channels?
4.      Describe the management of Physical Distribution of goods?
5.      How can you select an Advertising Agency?
6.      Write about EXIM Policy of India?
Course: MBA IV SEM                                                          TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : Information Systems, Control and Audit                          MARKS: 40
DATE: 01/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     Explain about Boundary Controls and Database Controls?
2.     Define Performance Management Tools?
3.     Describe Evaluating System Effectiveness?
4.     Briefly explain about Concurrent Auditing Techniques?
5.     How do you managing the Information Systems Audit Function?
6.     What are the features of Information Systems Auditing?

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                            TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : Performance Management                                         MARKS: 40
DATE: 01/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     Write about Focusing on Team Performance of Better Results?
2.     Explain Performance Management System in National Stock Exchange?
3.     Define Implementing Performance Management Systems?
4.     How can you select for Rating?
5.     Write a Short Notes on Competency Mapping and Benchmarking?
6.     Describe Strategies for Performance Management?

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                                                   TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : Decision Support System                                                                  MARKS: 40
DATE: 02/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     Define the Models of Decision Support Systems?
2.     Explain the Probabilistic Models and Fuzzy Sets?
3.     Describe the DSS Functional Areas of Management?
4.     Write about Feasibility of DSS Technical’s and Financial viability?
5.     Explain Non-Optimising Models of DSS?
6.     Briefly explain Monte-Carlo Methods?

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                            TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : Management of Change                                                       MARKS: 40
DATE: 02/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     Define Diagnosis Models and Component Analysis?
2.     Explain the factors of contributing to resistance?
3.     Explain the Nature and Scope of Organisation Development/
4.     Describe Contingency and Processual Approaches to implementing change?
5.     Write about Content of meaningful vision?
6.     How do you select Actions to consolidate to change?

COURSE  : MBA IV SEM                                                                            TIME     : 2HRS
SUB          : RURAL MARKETING                                                               MARKS: 40
DATE       : 02/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     What is mean by Rural Marketing Mix and explain 4Asw of Rural Marketing Mix?
2.     What are the Objectives behind new product launch?
3.     Explain Brand Loyalty in Rural Market?
4.     Define the Strategies of Rural Retail Channel Management?
5.     Describe Innovation for Rural Market?
6.     Write about Corporate Social Responsibility. How do you develop e-Governance for 
      Rural India?

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                                                  TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT                                           MARKS: 40
DATE: 03/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     Explain the functions of Quality management systems/
2.     Explain the benefits of ISO registration?
3.     Define the failure mode and Effective Analysis?
4.     Briefly explain Autonomous Work Groups?
5.     Describe FMEA Documentation?
6.     Write about Quality Strategy for Indian Industries?

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                                                   TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : Compensation and Reward Management                                         MARKS: 40
DATE: 03/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     Explain Employee benefits in Management?
2.     How Computers help to managing rewards?
3.     Explain High performance through Participative Management?
4.     Define Team Based Compensation?
5.     Write about Case Study in Bharti Telecom?
6.     Describe the compensation structure in Crompton Greaves Ltd.,?

Course: MBA IV SEM                                                                                   TIME     : 2HRS
SUB    : SERVICE MARKETING                                                                 MARKS: 40
DATE: 03/09/2014 (FN)
Note: Answer any FOUR of the following SIX Questions.

1.     What do you mean by Service pricing. Explain its objectives?
2.     Explain the role of Marketing Communication?
3.     Define Creating delivery systems in Price?
4.     Explain the role of intermediaries and also explain quality and productivity?
5.     What are the Marketing plans for services?
6.     Explain resource allocations and monitory marketing planning and services?

Friday, August 8, 2014

MBA Seminar in III semester for 2013 admitted batch

Business Best Practices (Seminar Presentation 50 Marks)
Aim: To enable students to understand the best practices followed by the organizations.
Learning outcome: By understanding the best practices through internet and interaction with the
company executives, the students should be able to understand the best practices. By going through the
works of the other classmates, the all students should be able to understand many of the best practices
and also will be able to suggest the next practices.
The students may choose any of the following corporate practices or any other practices and study with
reference to any company:
1. Balanced Score Card.
2. Benchmarking.
3. Career Planning
4. Competency Mapping
5. Capability Maturity Model
6. People Capability Maturity Model (Level 5)
7. Performance Management System
8. Six Sigma
9. Talent Management
10. Any other functional systems, policies, practices may also be considered
for studying.
Report: A report of the best practice must be prepared with the help of the information available in the
open source (example websites, news papers, business magazines). Formal or informal interaction with
the managers of the organization may also be attempted to have better clarity.

MBA SUMMER INTERSHIP in III semester for 2013 admitted batch

SUMMER INTERNSHIP (Seminar Presentation-50 Marks)
        Should be done between 01-09-14 to 01-10-14 or 01-11-14(1 or 2 months)       
 Course Aim: Aim of summer internship it to give an opportunity to the MBA students to have practical exposure related to the job they prefer to do after MBA. Summer internship is to acquire practical knowledge by working in any organization. Through working for one to two months in any organization of their choice, students should learn how to do routine work related to the functional area of their interest.

Learning Outcome
After summer learning internship students should be able to :
1. Understand the product mix and strategies of the organization, structure of organization, reporting
systems and general administration of the organization.
2. Understand the organizational dynamics in terms of organizational behaviour, culture,
competition, future strategies and change initiatives of the organization.
3. Understand how to do the routine work related to job they prefer to do after MBA.

Students may work in any organization like banks, hospitals, hotels, insurance companies, charitable
trusts, NGOs, Government departments etc.,or work with any professional(like chartered accountants,
doctor, lawyers, real estate, temples/ religious institutions etc.), small or big or any entrepreneur, manager of any business organization and understand how they are doing business. They can visit the shops, petrol bunks, dealers, distributors, retailers, companies or their branch offices in their near by cities, towns and villages to understand their business model.

Report: A brief report of explaining their understanding and analysis of the organization they work should
be presented. There is no need to present information available in the websites. Students should give
reference to the web link with a brief note on what the web site contains.
Presentation of their experiences through working and observation during the summer internship will
enable them to enhance their creativity towards solutions for the issues and challenges of the business
organizations or professionals with whom they are associated.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

II sem II mid sample question papers

II mid Exam date and timings

Part-A                                                                                                                                     (16 marks)
a) Career Management & Talent Management-4marks
b) Write about 
Implementing Management Development Programs?-4marks
Employer Life Cycle-4 marks
Collective Bargaining Process-4 marks

Part-B                                                                                                                         (3X8=24 marks)
1.What are the 
Basic Factors in Determining pay structure?
2. Write about 
Salient features of Workmen Compensation Act
3. Explain about 
Work Place Health Hazards Problems & Remedies.
Pricing Managerial and Professional Jobs.
5. How do you 
evaluate the Training Programs?

PART – A: Answer the following question                                                                        1×16=16
1) a) Preference Shares.(4M)
b) Cost Of Equity. (4M)
c) Marginal cost of Capital. (4M)
       d)Weighted average cost of capital. (4M)
PART – B: Answer any Three of the following question                                                 3×8=24 

1)      A large sized chemical company is considering investing ina project that costs Rs.4,00,000, The estimated salvage value is ZERO(0), Tax Rate is55%. The company uses straight line Depreciation and the proposed project has cash flows before Tax(CFBT) as
Years                           CFBT
1                                                                    1,00,000                      Note; a) Determine IRR
2                                                                    1,00,000                      b) NPV at 15%
3                                                                    1,50,000                      c) profitability index at 15%
4                                                                    1,50,000
5                                                                    2,50,000

2)Determine Weighted average cost of capital using book value weight and Market value weights;
Book value
Specific cost%
Market value
Retained Earning

3)From the following comment on dividend decision under Woltare model
R=15%,K=10%,Eps=rs100 calculate market ratio,80% pay out ratio,100% payout ratio.

4)  prepare an estimate of working capital requirement from the following information of trading concern:
    a) Project annual sales                                                                                             1,00,000 units
    b) selling price                                                                                                         rs.8 per unit
    c)%age of net profit on sales                                                                                  25%
    d) Average credit period allowed to customers                                          8weeks           
    e) Avreage credit  period allowed by suppliers                                          4 weeks
    f) Average stock holding in terms of sales requirements                            12 weeks
   g) Allow 10% for contingencies                                                                             

5) From the following information find out economic order quantity
     Annual Usage,10,000 units
    Cost of placing  and receiving one order Rs 50
    Cost of materials per unit Rs. 25

    Anuual Carrying cost of one unit 10% of inventory value.

Note:  Answering the following question.                                                                  1*16=16         
1)      Solve the following travelling salesman problem.                                                             
                     A                    B                     C                      D

Note: Answering any Three from the following questions.                                        3*8=24

1)      What is decision tree analysis? Write Various steps involved in the construction of decision tree?
2)      In the bank 4 cash  counters are operated for drawing money. On average 40 persons arrive in an 4 hour a day. Each cashier is to spend 10 mints on the average on an arrival. If the arrivals are poissonally distributed and service time are according to exponential distribution. Determine
a)      Average number of customers in the system.
b)      Average number of customers waiting in the system.
c)      Average time a customer spends in the system.
d)     The probability that a customer has to wait before he gets service.
3)       Write about the methods for solving assignment problems?
4)      Explain how queues are classified and give their notations?

5)      State the travelling salesman problem

Part-A                                                                                                                                (16 marks)
a)Market Communication Process?
b)What is meant by Relationship Marketing?
c)Write about market sustainability and ethics?
d)Distinguish advertising and publicity?

Part-B                                                                                                                            (3X8=24 marks)
1.Explain about Market Segmentation?
2.Write about Marketing Channels?
3.What are the different pricing decisions and explain?
4.How do you evaluate market segmentation?
5.Explain: i) Social Marketing
                 ii) Digital Marketing
                iii) Global Marketing

Part-A                                                                                                                                (16 marks)
a)Information System Planning.
b)Define “Cyber Crime” and write about it.
c)What are the system design objectives?
d)Write about system development approaches?

Part-B                                                                                                                            (3X8=24 marks)
1.Explain about system acquisition and implementation?
2.Write about IS Security and Control?
3.What are the tools of Structured Analysis?
4.Who are Cyber Criminals? and Classify them?
5.What are the methods of systems design and explain?

Part-A                                                                                                                                     (16 marks)
a)Derive OECD Principles of Corporate Governance-4 marks
Outline a few points about Irani Committee Report-4 marks
Write about Corporate Governance in India-4 marks
Does Good Governance Really matters to Corporations?-4 marks

Part-B                                                                                                                         (3X8=24 marks)
1.What are the
Ethical dimensions of cyber crimes?
2. Write about
information Warfare.
3. What are the
Board Structures Processes and Evaluation?
4. Briefly explain about
Importance of corporate Governance.
 Explain Banks and Corporate Governance.